Purchasing your software package is just the beginning!

The bottom line. Our industry focused software, programming, and accounting team has the ability to identify your needs and deliver effective, clearly defined business strategies. SASIPROS is always ready to deliver seamless and knowledge based-service


Sage software products such as SAGE 100 offer considerable flexibility in customizing each system to your needs. As is typical of any system of this level of sophistication, careful planning and a structured implementation is essential to the success of the installation.

To help you in your new system transition, we offer the following consulting services:

  • SAGE100 installation and setup
  • Implementation assistance
  • Customized written procedures for modules and systems
  • System customization
  • System development
  • Training for all or some individual modules
  • Ongoing support
  • Annual systems review

Please do not hesitate to contact regarding these and other services we may provide to you.


The people at SASIPROS take great pride in the level of support to our users, both in terms of response time and knowledge of the software package. Once your accounting package has been implemented, there are various levels of ongoing support you may need.


Effective hands-on training is the fastest and most economical way to come up to speed on any accounting system. We provide hands-on training classes on SAGE100 at both beginning and advanced levels. We can also create a customized individually designed training procedure for your company that will help eliminate unnecessary down time due to turnover in staff.


We will help set up and customize the various reports possible for you to gain specific information about how your company is doing at any time. For example: A Cash Flow Forecast that tells you what cash flow you can anticipate over the next few weeks from receivables, payables and banking.


We can develop your system further by working with you to customize your accounting options to best suit your needs. Our programmers utilize open architecture parameters, and create solutions for you using non-proprietary software programs.

  • ProvideX (The native language of SAGE100)
  • Visual Basic 5 and Visual Basic 6
  • SQL Solutions
  • MS Access and other databases
  • Internet E-commerce

Please do not hesitate to contact regarding these and other services we may provide to you.

Checks & Printing Services

Order your checks, envelopes and deposit slips online at WWW.COSTCOCHECKS.COM